Strips Z-Wave FAQ


Strips 700 series should work with most gateways, however, functionality will differ. Some gateways will not support Strips, other will support Strips partly, and some gatewaysare fully compatible with Strips. Please check our gateway list for information on which gateways that support Strips and which does not.

Strips will last up to 10 years when properly mounted and sending a normal amount of data. To increase the longevity if your device, please consider the follow:

  • Mount Strips on a non-metal surface at a distance which is not too far from the gateway or/and repeaters/extenders.
  • If you are able to change the wake-up  interval in your gateway app, then set it to 12 hours or more.
  • Use the default settings on interval and on-change reporting.
  • Keep your Z-Wave network healthy by performing network healing or network repair on your gateway when changes are introduced.

The 10-year battery life claim is the result of real current consumption tests, you can read the full story on the following link:  10 Year Battery Life: How did we do it? - Sensative

Any message that is not reached and acknowledged by the gateway is resent by Strips. The messages will be added to a resend qeue which will attempt a resend after 1, 2, 4, 8... minutes to to 17 hours.

Inclusion / Pairing

In your gateway app or portal, add a new device and follow the steps the application presents. When asked to activate or start learning mode on the device, swipe the round edge 3 times using a magnet. Some gateways will ask you to perform this pattern twice, once for exclusion, once for inclusion. Some gateways allows you to register the device using the DSK (QR Code on the back of Strips, also available on the card included in the box), and then automatically add it after the inclusion pattern has been performed.

If you are unsure how to perform the inclusion/pairing pattern, please view the video below:


In your gateway app or portal, find "Remove device", "Delete device" or something similar. When asked to perform the exclusion pattern, swipe the round edge 3 times with a magnet.

If you are unsure how to perform the exclusion pattern, please view the video below:


Perform the following pattern with the magnet:


The 700-series supports SmartStart, whereas the previous 500 series does not. All Sensative Z-Wave Strips supports classic inclusion, no matter which variant or version.

Configuration and data

How do I change configuration in Strips?

Changing configuration is done through the gateway/hub interface and is different on most gateways, please check the gateway/hub documentation for more information. You can configure Strips by setting different parameters to the various settings Strips offers. Please view our online documentation for more information:

Guard:  Strips Guard 700/800 for Z-Wave Plus™ - Yggio Docs

Drip:  Strips Drip 700/800 for Z-Wave Plus™ - Yggio Docs

Comfort:  Strips Comfort 700/800 for Z-Wave Plus™ - Yggio Docs

Mounting and placement

  • Strips Guard is weatherproof, which means it can be mounted outside but cannot be submerged in water for a longer period of time
  • Strips Drip is designed for waterleaks so it will still work when exposed to water leaks. Drip is not designed to be submerged in water during a longer period of time.
  • Strips Comfort should never be exposed to water as this might permanently damage the device

Strips Guard and Strips Drip can be used outside, but not Strips Comfort. Please note that no Strips can be used to in pools (subergmed in water)

Strips should never be mounted on a metallic surface, and if possible not close to any metal. Any other surface will work as long as the adhesive will stick and the temperature is not beyond the documented temperature thresholds.

Can I use Strips in my fridge or freezer?

Yes, but since fridges and freezers has a metal exterior, the radio signals will be weakened which could lead to communication problems with the gateway and lower battery-life.

Guard 700/800

Specification: Strips Guard 700/800 - Sensative

Drip 700/800

Specification: Strips Guard 700/800 - Sensative

Yes, the device can keep detecting leakage until the battery has been depleted. Keep in mind that between each leakage detection, the wettex pads on the blue baseplate needs dry before it can reliably detect water again. It's expected to take at least 24 hours before the device has dried up, this might vary and take even longer depending on environment and amount of water the unit was exposed to.

Drip will survive a few days completely submerged in water, but should be avoided for an extended period of time.

The leakage sensor is polled every 10 seconds, once water is detected, an alarm is sent immediately.

Comfort 700/800

Specification: Strips Comfort 700/800 - Sensative

The slider switch on Comfort 700 can be used as an on/off button to trigger scenes and automation. Use cases include but not limited to: turn lights on and off, turn smartplugs connected to electronics on and off, activate and deactivate alarms, change status to and from home/away and much more.

Other than things like better range and energy efficiency, the 700-series has a humidity sensor and a slider switch. Comfort 700 also have more configuration parameters than its predeccesor.

Strips will send a heat/freeze alarm within 1 minute.