Strips LoRa Troubleshooting Guide


If there is no LED reaction at all on magnet contact and if the device is not sending any data, please contact Sensative for direct support.

Please view the LED indication section for information on all LED patterns

The keys should have been delivered to you via email. There is also a sticker in the box with the keys printed on it in each box of Strips. If you prefer the keys in digital form, please contact Sensative.

A battery report of 99% actually equals a full battery, this is by design

Strips is experiencing "Duty Cycle Restriction" where the server thinks the device is communicating too frequenctly. The report will sent at a later time when allowed.

Joining and connections

Make sure you have added Strips with the correct region, LoRaWAN version and regional parameters. Also double check the keys (DevEui, AppKey, AppEui/JoinEui). It's important that your LoRa Network Server is configured to the same frequency sub band as the gateways if you are in the US or AU region.

1. Make sure your gateway is powered on and connected to the internet.
2. Check the gateway status in your LoRa Network Server or platform.
3. Make sure Strips is not out of range of the gateway or mounted on any metal.
4. Strips might already be joined to a different network server, perform a reset with the following reset pattern, and attempt the join process again: 
5. Confirm that the region used in the LoRa Network Server matches the region on the device. There should be information underneath Strips which region it is.
6. Make sure the join pattern is done successfully: 

The keys you have used to register the device are incorrect, please verify that they match the intended device and that it hasn't been entered incorrectly

Remove the device from the LoRa Network Server and add it again, then reset Strips with the magnet reset pattern. After this join the device again.

Decoding and configuration

All Strips LoRa are delivered with factory default settings, which only has the contact (door/window) sensor activated with the exception of Strips Presence which also has the Presence sensor activated. To configure your device to send the data you want, please use our Strips Configuration Application:

Strips will receive the queued configuration payload upon next communication with the gateway i.e. the next time Strips sends a message. If the device is using default settings and is not triggered, the next report sent will be the heartbeat which happens once per day. It will therefore take up to 24 hours for the Strips to receive the configuration payload. If the user swipes the round edge 3 times with a magnet, a heartbeat message will be generated and the payload should be downloaded to the device immediately.

Inconsistent reporting can happen when the distance between Strips and gateway is too larger, or if any larger metallic object such as a heavy door is blocking. Check the RSSI, and SNR values, if they are too low, then distance might be th problem. When it comes to regions with multiple sub bands, such as US915 and AU915, the issue could be conflicting sub bands in device and gateway. If the issue persist, please contact Sensative support.

Make sure that the device has reported since the reset payload was sent, Strips will fetch the downlink queue on each communication with the gateway. Alternatively, send '0100' to port 10 instead,

Mounting and placement

If you tested the door report prior to mounting and it worked, then the following issues could be the problem:

  • Strips has been mounted on a metal surface
  • There's metallic object that has been magnitized and is disrupting the magnet field of the mounted magnet
  • Magnet and Strips are not mounted in a way that allows the sensor to be triggered

A tamper report is generated when both of the magnets sensors have been trigger, the one in the flat end, and the one in the round edge.