Strips Drip 800 for Z-Wave

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Square Air for LoRaWAN
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Strips Drip 800 for Z-Wave

Strips Drip 800 is ideal for placing anywhere a water leak might occur

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    Strips Drip 800 water leak sensor also comes with temperature alerts for detecting freezing pipes, which makes it ideal for monitoring any area where a leak might occur. Drip offers a range of up to 800 meters (US LR) or 500 m (mesh). With their sturdy design, you can install these sensors in environmentally challenging areas such as cellars or outdoor environments such as under the roof where water might leak into the house structure.

    Strips is one of the first sensors on the market with the latest Z-Wave technology. Strips comes with SmartStart to reduce the time for installation for service providers, installers, and end-users. In addition, it comes with a more extended range of up to 120 meters, increased security, and even longer battery life than before.

    Through your Smart Home or building system, you will be updated in real-time and notified whenever there is water. In addition, with Strips Drip’s temperature measuring (of +/- 4 °C), you can also track alarming heat levels or freezing conditions. This important feature enables real-time alerts so you can take action, such as activating an alarm or automatically turning off the water flow in the house or apartment.

    Whether your interest is in smart homes, apartment applications, or IoT applications for businesses, our Z-Wave Strips sensors bring a wealth of valued features like ultra-slim discreet form factor and low power consumption for extended battery life (>10 years).

    Suppose you are looking for IoT applications that require a more extended range, or you need sensors with more functionalities per sensor type. In that case, we recommend you look at our LoRaWAN products, developed with business applications in mind.

    Top features:
    • Water-leak sensor
    • Temperature alerts
    • Smart start
    • S2 Security

    Top benefits:
    • Discreet design (6 mm)
    • No maintenance (>10 years battery life)
    • Long Range (US LR) (800m direct)
    • Mesh Z-Wave (500m)
    • Simple installation
    • Encrypted communication

    Application Water leak detection
    Benefits Invisible design (<3mm), No maintenance (10 years), 120 m Z-Wave line of sight range, Simple installation & mounting, Encrypted communication, 10+ years battery life, 500 m Z-Wave mesh range, 800 m Z-Wave LR range
    In/Outdoor usage Indoor
    Sensor Water leak, Temperature
    Connectivity data
    Frequency EU (868 MHz) or US (915 MHz)
    Protocols / Connectivity Z-Wave
    Z-Wave version 800 Series
    Z-Wave security S2 Security
    Z-Wave functionality Smart Start
    Power supply
    Powered by Built-in battery (LiMn02)
    Operating Conditions
    IP Class 67
    Mechanical data
    Weight (g) 18
    Width (mm) 15
    Height (mm) 6
    More information
    Manual URL
    Packaging Installer or Retail 1-Pack
    Yggio decoder All z-wave
    Fortnox Article number 110402X_1Y
    Manufacturer Sensative
    Country of origin Poland
    Length (mm) 195
    Box Width (mm) 38
    Box Length (mm) 206
    Box Thickness (mm) 17
    Box Weight empty (g) 10
    Box Weight with content (g) 37
    Box Retail Width (mm) 93
    Box Installer Width (mm) 38
    Box Installer Length (mm) 206
    Box Installer Thickness (mm) 17
    Box Installer Weight Empty (g) 10
    Box Installer Weight with content (g) 37, 37
    Box Retail Length (mm) 203
    Box Retail Thickness (mm) 20
    Box Retail Weight Empty (g) 15
    Box Retail Weight with Content (g) 50
    Sensative limited warranty .pdf