Heatit Z-Temp2 White

Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact LoRaWAN Gateway. 1LOC -Ethernet, no 4G- 0WEU 868MHz
Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact LoRaWAN Gateway. 1LOC -Ethernet, no 4G- 0WEU 868MHz
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Heatit Z-Temp2 White

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    Heatit Z-Temp2 is a battery-operated thermostat designed for use with waterbased heating systems. Used in combination with the Heatit Z-Water you can control your heating system with a Z-Wave primary controller/gateway. This is a “wire-free” solution, saving both time and money. All communication between the Heatit Z-Temp2 and the controlled device is 100% wireless. Heatit Z-Temp2 has SmartStart. This feature allows the user to include all devices with SmartStart by scanning the QR codes on the devices. On startup all the devices will automatically be included in the gateway (requires SmartStart compability). This saves the installer a lot of work. Heatit Z-Temp may be associated with the Heatit Z-Relay or another Z-Wave relay in order to control many types of heating solutions. The Heatit Z-Temp2 is an excellent choice when restoring or remodeling existing buildings, as it is easy to install without any need for wiring. We recommend using several 230VAC units to strengthen the mesh network. Please note that this unit equipped with firmware version 1.1 does NOT include cooling Firmware version 1.2 includes cooling You can not upgrade from Firmware version 1.1 to 1.2 through OTA on this unit.

    In/Outdoor usage Indoor
    Sensor Temperature, Humidity
    Actuator functionality Thermostat, Controlling external relay
    Connectivity data
    Protocols / Connectivity Z-Wave
    Power supply
    Powered by Battery, 3 x AA Batteries
    Operating Conditions
    IP Class Unknown
    Mechanical data
    Width (mm) 85
    Depth (mm) 25
    Height (mm) 85
    Yggio decoder All z-wave
    Fortnox Article number SEN-30_132
    Vendor article number 4512666
    URL https://heatit.com/product/9437/smart-products/controllers/heatit-z-temp2-white/1107
    Manufacturer ThermoFloor