Xignal LoRaWAN Mouse trap - EU868

Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact LoRaWAN Gateway. 1LOC -Ethernet, no 4G- 0WEU 868MHz
Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact LoRaWAN Gateway. 1LOC -Ethernet, no 4G- 0WEU 868MHz
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Xignal LoRaWAN Mouse trap - EU868

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    Xignal mousetraps connect to your LoRaWAN network to send alerts, never miss a caught mouse again!

    The status of the mousetrap is sent back at regular intervals, and when the trap has been actuated. Find out immediately if it's armed, unarmed or unarmed with catch. Fully LoRaWAN compatible, the traps can run on private or public networks.

    We stock Xignal traps supplied with LoRaWAN keys, these are designed for integrators to develop their own applications using the Xignal traps.

    The big advantage for professional use is that Xignal greatly simplifies inspections, saving cost. The non-poison trapping is environmentally safe, fast and efficient.

    • Mechanical mouse trap, simple to deploy
    • Daily trap status updates (opened/closed/catch) including temperature data, current battery level
    • Instant update when trap is set or triggered
    • LED for simple feedback
    • Ability to detect false-positive ‘catches’
    • Class A, OTAA, LoRaWAN® 1.0.1 device - EU868 band
    • IP67 water resistance, wide environmental operating range
    • Built-in lithium primary battery

    In/Outdoor usage Indoor & Outdoor
    Sensor Temperature
    Actuator functionality Rat/mouse trap, Daily trap status updates (opened/closed/catch)
    User interaction Unknown
    Connectivity data
    Protocols / Connectivity LoRaWAN
    LoRaWAN version v 1.0.1
    Power supply
    Powered by Battery, Built in Lithium Battery
    Operating Conditions
    IP Class 67
    Mechanical data
    Width (mm) 46,9
    Depth (mm) 97,3
    Height (mm) 58
    Yggio decoder xignal-trap
    Fortnox Article number SEN-30_131
    URL https://connectedthings.store/gb/industrial-devices/pest-control/xignal-lorawan-mouse-trap.html
    Manufacturer Xignal