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Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact LoRaWAN Gateway. 1LOC -Ethernet, no 4G- 0WEU 868MHz
Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact LoRaWAN Gateway. 1LOC -Ethernet, no 4G- 0WEU 868MHz
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    Button extends Aeotec's current-get siren platform. Paired with Siren 6, it lets that product be used as both a siren and a doorbell. Paired with Doorbell 6, it allows that product to be triggered by multiple buttons. Please note that Button is compatible with Siren Gen6 and later, but not compatible with Aeotec's previous ten siren technology, Siren Gen5. 

    - Button is specifically designed for Doorbell 6 and Siren 6, Aeotec’s Z-Wave doorbell and security siren. 

    - Button uses 433 MHz for maximum wireless range and battery performance; it does not include Z-Wave technology but rather communicates to Z-Wave systems through Doorbell 6 and Siren 6. 

    - Doorbell 6 can connect up to 3 separate Buttons in total. 

    - Add Button to Siren 6 to convert it to Doorbell 6. 

    - Powered by one, replaceable CR2450 cell battery. Typically battery life of 2 years in tested circumstances. 

    - IP55 waterproof/splash and dustproof for outdoor use. 

    - Built-in LED indicator on the top.

    In/Outdoor usage Indoor & Outdoor
    Actuator functionality doorbell
    User interaction LED
    Accessories SEN-30_102
    Connectivity data
    Protocols / Connectivity 433 MHz
    Power supply
    Powered by Battery, 1 pcs CR2450
    Operating Conditions
    IP Class 55
    Mechanical data
    Width (mm) 30
    Depth (mm) 85
    Height (mm) 15
    Yggio decoder All z-wave
    Fortnox Article number SEN-30_104
    Vendor article number AEOEZW166
    Manufacturer Aeotec