Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact LoRaWAN Gateway. 1LOC -Ethernet, no 4G- 0WEU 868MHz
Kerlink Wirnet iBTS Compact LoRaWAN Gateway. 1LOC -Ethernet, no 4G- 0WEU 868MHz
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    ERS VOC has the capability of measuring almost everything regarding the indoor environment. You will have full control over the air quality, temperature, light, and humidity for either homes or workplaces. The battery life is estimated to be up to 5 years but depends on sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, and environmental factors. It is powered by two 3,6V AA lithium batteries. 

    All of Elsys sensors are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) for easy configuration with an Android phone. The user can change the sample rate, data rate, encryption keys, triggers, activation, and much more.

    Batteries are not included.

    Application Room sensor
    Sensor VOC, Temperature, Humidity, Light (LUX), Motion detection (PIR)
    User interaction LED
    Connectivity data
    Protocols / Connectivity LoRaWAN, NFC
    Frequency EU868 - Europe 863-870 MHz
    Power supply
    Powered by Battery, 2 x 3,6V AA lithium batteries
    Operating Conditions
    IP Class Unknown
    Mechanical data
    Width (mm) 86
    Depth (mm) 86
    Height (mm) 27
    Yggio decoder elsys.*
    Fortnox Article number SEN-30_066
    URL https://elsys.se/public/datasheets/ERS_VOC_datasheet.pdf
    Manufacturer Elsys
    Accessory Products